2D Designs – Sara Makdessi

Character and Props design for Lea and Sam. The story of two siblings living by the sea and who dedicate their free time to collecting waste from the beach. The bicycle gives them freedom of movement, which sometime takes them to the neighboring shores, and with their giant waterproof bag, they can fit as many items as they find. They often make new friends who tag along with the collection.

Yoga Train is a deck of yoga cards for creating sequences and practicing yoga. This product was created and produced by me, with a successful funding from Kickstarter campaign that I designed. Each character takes you on a journey that tells the story of the pose and its origin.

Pupa Fly is a rocker made of rattan. The material is very light and easily bended when exposed to heat. Pupa is the stage of some insects when they transform into a mature insect, it’s a cocooning phase. The concept of this chair is to make the person sitting in it feel like they are cocooning and nesting.

Character design for the characters of Sit Down and don’t read this book. Rita is an energetic and focused woman majoring in mathematics at university. Tic is a tattoo artist living by the sea, he used to run a cocktails bar in Bangkok. Marshal is a teenager with a love for music, technology and social justice. Mary grew up in a multicultural home and is now running a small guest house with her husband, with an extra space where she can practice her hobby as a potter. All the characters are on the same journey, to find truth and peace of mind.

Ayla – Character Sheet and texture. Ayla is a jewelry designer and trader, she likes simplicity and clear shapes.

Character design and sketches

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