Product designer, Yoga Teacher and illustrator based in Dublin, Ireland.
After completing a MA in product design, in 2013, I moved to Germany. It was almost spontaneous, finding myself in a new environment just after graduating made me question my decisions and I began to look for my pure essence and what I want to do with my life.
The answer – which built itself with time and a lot of hard work – was YOGA & ILLUSTRATION.
In the end of 2015, I moved to Dublin, where I resumed my yoga practice. In summer 2017 I completed a 250 hours Classical Yoga Teacher Training at Samadhi studio Dublin.
My fascination with the human body and emotions keep me inspired both in my design and yoga career. As much as I enjoy moving my body with my breath and a musical rhythm, I love dissecting a yoga pose to understand the alignment and how the muscles behave.

Right after finishing my yoga teacher training, I began teaching.

In fall 2017, mixing my love for yoga and design, I produced Yoga Train – a deck of sequencing cards. This got me to teach workshops and give talks about yoga sequencing to make yoga practice more accessible for people anywhere anytime.

Right now I am based in Dublin, teaching regular classes at studios, offices and privates. And I love collaborations and inter-disciplinary work. So please get in touch!