Logo Design

Revolution Period is an event to bring awareness on all things related to menstruation, hosted by Kitty Maguire with many guests offering courses, lectures and classes.

Piglet is a wine bar in Temple Bar Dublin. They have a large selection of wine and gourmet food prepared on the spot. The logo design is inspired by the wine glass, and the piglet floating inside forms a wave of the liquid that represents the wine. Visit their website here: pigletwinebar.ie

Logo for Berna Daou, interior architect based in Hazmieh, Lebanon.

Village Yoga is a yoga studio based in Limerick, Ireland. The Logo represents a figure in the yogic tree posture utilizing the letters V and Y for “Village Yoga”. The color palette used is soft and smooth, just like the studio’s atmosphere.

Zero Waste Festival is an event in Ireland that promotes reducing waste by reusing, swapping goods and buying from the source with the least packaging possible. The logo is influenced by Celtic designs and ornaments, as well as the recycling loop where the lines are continuous in a closed line, promoting a sustainable way of consuming.

Grape Circus is a wine trading business, importing wine from small wineries across Europe and distributing in Ireland. The design is playful and illustrates the grape as well as the wine element of their trade. Find out more on their website grapecircus.ie

C Moi is a Lebanese soap maker who produces organic soaps. It means “that’s me” in French and the C in the logo wraps around the “me” (moi). The logo emphasized the practice of self care and that intimate moment we spend with ourselves when using soap.

LionFish is a basket with a selection of hand-made baby goods, from blankets to soft toys and clothes. The logo is fresh and shows an interpretation of the lion-fish hybrid.

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