My Yoga Story

Yoga is for me a tool to explore and reconnect.

My main influence is Vinyasa and Ashtanga, moving with the rhythm of the breath, together with Iyengar, learning about alignment and precision. When I practice I love to experiment with movement and flow freely between asanas (yoga poses), then pause and give space to observe how the muscles behave and what effect the shapes we do have on the body and mind.

Combining my passion for yoga asana sequencing and art lead me to design and illustrate Yoga Train – a deck of yoga sequencing cards – to make yoga sequencing easy and accessible for anyone to practice anytime anywhere.

Yoga, to me, just like art, is a universal language. It’s mind blowing how wherever we are in the world, we can connect through yoga.

Practicing yoga for over 9 year with teachers in Lebanon, Germany and Ireland, I bring a mix of styles into my practice inspired from various approaches and teachers like Mareike Thies, Greg Walsh, Elena Moreo, Rohan Hennessey and Cara Choniter.

Love, S